What is needed in order to create your first website?
In order to create your first project on the Internet, you need to know not so much. For example, knowledge of programming languages ​​is far from necessary, you only need…

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How to choose a platform for the blog? Paid hosting
In the first part of the article, we examined the concept of a platform for a blog and found out that there are two ways to create a blog. The…

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How to prepare photos for publication on the Internet?
Any material on any site wins, provided it is illustrated with photographs, drawings, diagrams and other graphic files. And if the size of these files does not matter when typesetting…

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How many holidays are in the calendar of IT people?

January 27th
• International Day WITHOUT the Internet

February 6
• Safer Internet day
Celebrated at the initiative of the European Commission since 2004.
According to the UN, today there are 1.2 billion Internet users in the world.

The 14th of February
• Computer Day
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Will television move to the Internet?

This question worried me a very long time, but only I could not undertake to consider it. It seems that television is already on the Internet, but it seems that it is not. Now we can only talk about the fact that there is a mobile television. Not much is said about him, because this type of video transmission to the screen can not compete with television companies, but only helps them in promotion. What will happen if television moves to the Internet?

I will begin with a review of the BBC company, which posts a lot of videos on the Web. But this is not television. Even if CNN has its own video archive that can be used at any second, then again this is not television on the Continue reading

Profession – Corporate Blogger

Announcement on the remote work exchange: “Requires a blogger …” Is it really happened ?! “07/21/2008. Super Portal (title) is looking for a Blogger Journalist! What is the work under such an interesting name? Now I’ll tell you: ₽ Free 14-day course! Requirements: 1) maximum awareness in the social life of the Internet; 2) editing and writing skills in various styles, from jokes to press releases; 3) creativity, literacy, responsibility. Responsibilities: 1) writing texts of various subjects and styles; 2) work with forums, blogs and social networks. The work is remote, so you can live in any city! If you are interested, send a resume to (e-mail address). “I contacted this address, and I was offered a two-page bunch of duties and … decent payment in the amount of … 1.5 US dollars per day! This despite the fact that I’m off my grid I’m harvesting blogs “dozens of times more. Yes … we don’t have Continue reading

What is the best way to download files - torrent or from file hosting?
Often there are disputes on the Internet about how to download files better - using a torrent tracker or file sharing. Let's figure out what a torrent tracker is. This…


How to “privatize” Wikipedia?
Many probably know that the entire Wikipedia extensive text base is periodically stored in the form of dumps, which are always available for free download and use. And if you…


Five Quality Content Options
1. The sophistication of the material This item is not accidentally the first on my list, it is perhaps the key in terms of quality of content. It turns out…


What are 4G networks and what advantages do they give us?
Now it’s hard for us to believe that recently parents let their children go out all day without a mobile phone, and tourists fearlessly went on a wild trip without…