Should IT-technologies be banned in the office?
Every office worker knows that the normal operation of a modern enterprise is impossible without computers, the Internet and licensed software. But when a virus appears in the office server,…

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Is it interesting for you? The formula "hobby + business = happiness"
Most people in our world are engaged in unloved business - go to unloved work from 9.00 to 18.00, there they carry out unloved instructions from their superiors, communicating with…

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Your LJ: how to make it famous?
If you have a blog in LiveJournal or would like to open and maintain it, then a natural need for you as an author is the need for people to…

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How many holidays are in the calendar of IT people?

January 27th
• International Day WITHOUT the Internet

February 6
• Safer Internet day
Celebrated at the initiative of the European Commission since 2004.
According to the UN, today there are 1.2 billion Internet users in the world.

The 14th of February
• Computer Day
On this day in 1946, the ENIAC computer was launched. Continue reading

Is there an alternative to Windows, or What is Linux?

Microsoft’s share in the global software market remains huge. Ask your friends what operating system they use, and as a rule, they will name at least 95 percent Windows (unless, of course, your company consists entirely of hackers). The situation with server software is somewhat different, but we will not go into such wilds yet. Let’s talk about such an alternative system as Linux. GNU / Linux (as it is called by all rules) is a non-profit, freely distributed UNIX-like operating system developed as part of the GNU project and based on the Linux kernel. For brevity, the name has been reduced simply to Linux. Linux also often includes programs that complement this operating system, and applications that make it a full-featured multi-functional operating environment. Unlike Windows, Linux comes in a large number of Continue reading

Profession – Corporate Blogger

Announcement on the remote work exchange: “Requires a blogger …” Is it really happened ?! “07/21/2008. Super Portal (title) is looking for a Blogger Journalist! What is the work under such an interesting name? Now I’ll tell you: ₽ Free 14-day course! Requirements: 1) maximum awareness in the social life of the Internet; 2) editing and writing skills in various styles, from jokes to press releases; 3) creativity, literacy, responsibility. Responsibilities: 1) writing texts of various subjects and styles; 2) work with forums, blogs and social networks. The work is remote, so you can live in any city! If you are interested, send a resume to (e-mail address). “I contacted this address, and I was offered a two-page bunch of duties and … decent payment in the amount of … 1.5 US dollars per day! This despite the fact that I’m off my grid I’m harvesting blogs “dozens of times more. Yes … we don’t have Continue reading

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Forex Online Trading - A Hobby Or A Profession?
Forex market is an over-the-counter market. This means that all transactions are not carried out in one place, and there are many so-called market makers on the market (market maker…


Profession - Corporate Blogger
Announcement on the remote work exchange: "Requires a blogger ..." Is it really happened ?! "07/21/2008. Super Portal (title) is looking for a Blogger Journalist! What is the work under…


Are there many differences between different navigation programs?
The market for navigation software is full of programs for various operating systems. It is believed that the versions of one program for different platforms are absolutely identical. But it…


What is an iPhone and how good is it
With the advent of the iPhone, a section such as the App Store appeared in the iTunes online store, that is, the software store (also called software, software, applications in…