Is your site popular? Five parameters for a quality interface
1. Compliance with the uniform style of the site on all its pages This simple measure will not only give recognition to the style of your site, it will instill…

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How to choose the main theme of the blog?
After writing a couple of articles for the site, I thought: “Well, since I’ve become a“ writer ”, would I get my own blog on the Internet?” Write my…

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What should we build a WAP?
But do not send you in three letters? On WAP. With joy. On any of the still small WAP sites. And while there is still little competition in this area…

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without guaranteed

How many holidays are in the calendar of IT people?

January 27th
• International Day WITHOUT the Internet

February 6
• Safer Internet day
Celebrated at the initiative of the European Commission since 2004.
According to the UN, today there are 1.2 billion Internet users in the world.

The 14th of February
• Computer Day
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How to “privatize” Wikipedia?

Many probably know that the entire Wikipedia extensive text base is periodically stored in the form of dumps, which are always available for free download and use. And if you are familiar with Wikipedia, then you probably would like to make a copy for yourself and place it on your home computer. But perhaps you do not know how to do this. Or are you familiar with only one way to copy Wikipedia – the one that is described in detail on their website, that is, into the already installed MediaWiki * environment. But the “monster” of MediaWiki is not installed at all.

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How to prepare photos for publication on the Internet?

Any material on any site wins, provided it is illustrated with photographs, drawings, diagrams and other graphic files. And if the size of these files does not matter when typesetting the material on a modern computer equipped with gigabytes of RAM and hundreds of gigabytes of space on the hard drive, then when publishing on the Internet the situation changes.

In our country, only a few of the largest cities can boast the availability of high-speed unlimited Internet. The province still sits tightly on modem communications, and the backwoods even on GPRS (communication using a mobile phone). The data transfer rates on these channels are depressingly low, so large web pages load annoyingly slowly. Since image files are champions in their place, you should reduce them as much as possible with the selected quality standard. How to do it in a few Continue reading

Why do we need WiMax?
The commercial success of the product lies in the ability to find the maximum possible number of long-term (loyal) customers. The new WiMax technology, which has been obsessed with computer…


How to choose a platform for the blog? Free options
This is where it is really easy to get confused on the World Wide Web. In order to alleviate your “suffering” and direct you on the true path, I decided…


Five Quality Content Options
1. The sophistication of the material This item is not accidentally the first on my list, it is perhaps the key in terms of quality of content. It turns out…


Why does your site load for a long time?
Not at all, the whole problem is that you can have time to drink 5 cups of tea before the page of this resource loads in the browser. No matter…