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What can Picasa do?

The main advantage of Picasa is the organization of thousands and thousands of photos. There are several “layers” of organization. The simplest is the folder. This is a duplication of the folder on the disk. In this case, the folder receives the necessary descriptive attributes, for example, the place of shooting, time. Thanks to the last attribute, folders are placed on the screen in a specific order. Those who get along well with these folders can nest them into each other, forming complex hierarchies.
You can use another way to attach. Virtual. It is called a collection. Any folder can be attached to such a collection. This is done as simple as any function with a couple of clicks. All folders collected in a collection are grouped together on the screen, regardless of which folders they are actually located in. And the display type itself can be selected: by folders and collections or by subfolders.


If you have any favorite topic, for example, “Sea”, “Mountains” or “Favorite mother-in-law”, then you can organize albums with the same name. In these albums, according to the content, place pictures from folders. At the same time, they are all stored in the same folder. And albums are like an additional slice of the same folders. For example, “mountain” pictures can be dragged with the mouse into the album “Mountains” from the folders “Turkey”, “Germany”, “Sochi”, etc.


In terms of artistic quality, photographs can be very different: better, worse. In order to highlight the best, you can put down special stars. They then serve both for search and for exchange with the server.

Tags (shortcuts)

The next slice is the tagging (labels). These may be the names of all objects located in the photograph and worthy of attention. You can, for example, list the people in the picture, objects. Like the web album site, there is the option of affixing name tags. They relate to people and are associated with contacts in the address book.


In addition to the tags for each picture, you can make a signature. It is located under the photograph. It also searches. The signature may be, for example, a description of the event captured in the picture. The photo itself can also be inscribed. But she will not participate in the search.

To view photos in the main list, you can select several options, including viewing with captions or viewing with tags.

File names

It should be added that the name of the photo file itself is involved in the search. So that he can be given meaning.

How to share with the world?
One of the interesting and convenient features is the use of Picasa for posting pictures on the site. With one click, the album or folder on your computer appears on the Internet, on the Picasa Web Albums website, or on your blog.

There are different shipping options. You can simply send a specific photo to a specific folder that already exists on the server. You can set the synchronization of folders on your computer and on the web. All changes made in the subsequent automatically get to the Internet.

The sizes of uploaded photos can be controlled both using the general settings, and directly when sending. This allows you to send full-size photos with broadband access, and share small copies with friends.

If the best pictures are marked with an asterisk in the album, then synchronization is performed only for them. This allows you to control the transfer of information. If necessary, synchronization can be completely disabled.

In order for synchronization to be successful, some precautions must be taken. Launching the local version of the manager, you must “Sign in to web albums.” And finishing work, you need to implement the “Exit”. Otherwise, the database may become corrupted. All the functions for accessing albums on the Web are on the screen in the upper right.

You can send any sets of photos by mail. This is done using the large button located at the bottom of the interface. There is also a large button to send pictures to your blog.

Picasa on your computer helps you edit with one or two clicks and brightness, and color, and crop, and much, much more. For example, there is such a special effect as darkening (blurring) the edges of the photo with the formation of semantic focus in the right place. Such special techniques will make a masterpiece out of banal photography.

At the same time, the mode of viewing photos in folders allows you to evaluate the quality of pictures with one glance and edit the necessary, including “bundles”. At the same time, at any time you can return to the old look of the photo, since the file itself is not overwritten, all changes are stored in the database. In order to receive a patch file, you must use some function: export, send or synchronize with web albums.

You can also edit uploaded photos on the web album site. Logging into photo editing is done through the external service.

How to get a return from the world?
On the web album site, you can give access to these albums to certain individuals, with or without the right to add content.

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