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How to “privatize” Wikipedia?

Many probably know that the entire Wikipedia extensive text base is periodically stored in the form of dumps, which are always available for free download and use. And if you are familiar with Wikipedia, then you probably would like to make a copy for yourself and place it on your home computer. But perhaps you do not know how to do this. Or are you familiar with only one way to copy Wikipedia – the one that is described in detail on their website, that is, into the already installed MediaWiki * environment. But the “monster” of MediaWiki is not installed at all.

Meanwhile, making a copy of Wikipedia is not difficult, since there is a fairly simple way that does not require seven spans in the forehead.

First you need to find and download the freely distributed (for personal, non-commercial use) WikiTaxi * program (the latest version at the moment is 1.0.6). You do not need to install it, just unzip it into one of the folders on your personal computer.
Then you need to go to the site of one of the Wiki projects, Wikimedia Downloads (, which stores the finished dumps, and download the latest saved version of the Russian-language (ruwiki), English-language (enwiki ) or some other Wikipedia. There are many different dumps, but the one you need is ruwiki-latest-pages-articles.xml.bz2 or ruwiki-latest-pages-meta-current.xml.bz2 (the latter takes up more space, since in this dump, in addition to directly encyclopedic articles, discussion pages and personal pages of participants have been saved) *.

Of course, you can download not only the dump of the main part of Wikipedia in any language, but also any dump from closely related Wikis: Wikinews (ruwikinews), Wikiquote (ruwikiquote), Wikibooks (ruwikibooks), Wiktionary (ruwiktionary), etc. , and make a small library of them.

Once you download the dump you want, run the WikiTaxi_Importer.exe file attached to the WikiTaxi program. It looks like this:

This program is needed in order to unzip the downloaded dump with the extension .bz2 and save it in the .taxi format (files with this extension are launched through the WikiTaxi program).

The dump is pushed as follows.

First you need to specify where the downloaded archive is. To do this, fill in the top line using the Browse button with the desired address (for example, C: / Wikipedia/Dumps/ruwiki-20090813-pages-meta-current.xml.bz2), and in the bottom line enter the address for the new file (for example, D : / Databases / Wikipedia / And click Import now!

Now you can go have a coffee or read a newspaper while the program translates the Wikipedia archive into the format you need. When she finishes her work, you will have a single, .taxi file ready for use with the full text version of Wikipedia.

This is how Wikipedia, opened through the WikiTaxi program, looks like. Please note that this process is not fast – even a powerful modern computer will need some time to squeeze the downloaded dump. The old computer generally runs the risk of freezing, so be careful and, if necessary, advance the RAM for database slider to the left.

Now you can run the program itself – WikiTaxi.exe.

An inscription link will appear in the window: click here to open an existing database (in a free translation into Russian, this means “show where the database is hidden”). Click on the link and indicate where Wikipedia is (that is, the file you made with the extension .taxi). And that’s it – you can use it!

There are, however, several drawbacks inherent in the home version of Wikipedia – the lack of illustrations, the incorrect display of a number of templates (especially in the Russian-language Wikipedia) and the inability to copy the desired text from the program (well, WikiTaxi 1.0.6 does not support copying text). Yes, and the search leaves much to be desired – the program only indexes the names of articles, and ignores the content. However, this is offset by the main advantage – you will always have at hand the full text version of Wikipedia, which works without an Internet connection. Own! Privatized!

P. S. The words “own” and “privatized” do not mean that Wikipedia (or, especially, the WikiTaxi program) will now belong to you. These words caressing words only mean that you can freely use the encyclopedia without violating copyright (since Wikipedia is distributed under a free Creative Commons license, which allows the free distribution, modification and use of encyclopedia materials provided that the specified license is preserved in all derivative works) .

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