But what if the DropBox features are lacking?
DropBox is one of the most famous and popular services for creating your own data warehouse in the Internet space. It is very convenient to have such an “online flash…

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Will television move to the Internet?
This question worried me a very long time, but only I could not undertake to consider it. It seems that television is already on the Internet, but it seems that…

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Will television move to the Internet?
This question worried me a very long time, but only I could not undertake to consider it. It seems that television is already on the Internet, but it seems that…

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How many holidays are in the calendar of IT people?

January 27th
• International Day WITHOUT the Internet

February 6
• Safer Internet day
Celebrated at the initiative of the European Commission since 2004.
According to the UN, today there are 1.2 billion Internet users in the world.

The 14th of February
• Computer Day
On this day in 1946, the ENIAC computer was launched.

• Overclockers Day (International Overclockers Day)
Celebrated since 2004: on 02/10/2004 at the forum of the Russian overclocker portal “Zema s Chernozem” suggested: “… let’s set a date for ourselves – Day of overclockers (otherwise there is a tanker’s day, the forest industry also … it’s awkward to live without a holiday)” .
After the discussion, it was decided to celebrate the Day of All Overs (overclocker community) on February 28, and in the leap year – 29 (such as the “overclocked” year).

• Internet Freedom of Speech Day
Created on the initiative of the international organization “Reporters Without Borders” (under the auspices of UNESCO).
First celebrated March 12, 2008
To date, 63 Internet dissidents are in prison around the world because they have exercised their right to free speech on the Internet.
“Reporters Without Borders” call on this day to protest in virtual space against censorship abused by some governments (Burma, China, North Korea, Cuba, Egypt, Eritrea, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and Vietnam, – according to the organization, these countries represent greatest danger to the web).

• Shutdown Day
It was first celebrated on March 24, 2007.
Founders of the “holiday” Denis Bystrov and Ashutosh Rajekar.
Celebrated on the penultimate Saturday of March.

May 17
• World Information Community Day
On May 17, 1865, the International Telegraph Union was founded in Paris (since 1932 – the International Telecommunications Union).
On March 27, 2006, the UN General Assembly adopted a Resolution in which it proclaimed May 17 as World Information Society Day.

• System Administrator Day / Sysadmin Day
Celebrated annually, on the last Friday of July.
Created by Chicago sysadmin Ted Kekatos.
First celebrated on July 28, 2000

9th of September
• Tester’s Day
On September 9, 1945, Harvard scientists who tested the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator computer found a moth stuck between the contacts of an electromechanical relay.

• Programmer’s Day
An unofficial holiday for programmers, celebrated on the 256th day of the year. The number 256 (2 to the eighth power) is chosen because it is the number of numbers that can be expressed with one byte.
In leap years, this holiday falls on September 12, in ordinary – on September 13.
Celebrated at the suggestion of Valentin Balt, an employee of one of the web studios (he collected signatures in support of recognizing this day as an official holiday).
Note: if you count from 0 (which corresponds to the traditions of programmers), then you need to celebrate the holiday on the 255th day of the year.

September 19th
• Smiley’s birthday
On September 19, 1982, Scott E. Fahlman, professor at Carnegie Mellon University, first proposed using three consecutive characters — a colon, a hyphen, and a closing bracket — to indicate a “smiling face.” Now – through emoticons in the regular text – it has become possible to convey your emotions.

September 30th
• Internet Day in Russia
Celebrated at the suggestion of the Moscow company IT Infoart Stars.

November 12th
• Security Specialist Day
An interbranch holiday uniting all market participants, security industry professionals.
The holiday was initiated by Sec.Ru – the Internet portal for security.
Celebrated since 2005.

November 26th
• World Information Day
It is carried out on the initiative of the International Academy of Informatization (MAI), which has a general consultative status in the UN Economic and Social Councils.

November 30th
• International Computer Security Day
Celebrated on November 30, 1988 at the initiative of the American Computer Equipment Association, which wanted to remind everyone of the need to protect computer information, drawing the attention of manufacturers and users of hardware and software to the security problem.
Note: in 1988, the first mass epidemic of a worm was recorded, named after its “creator” – Morris. The moment of truth has come – the time “H” – time to think about the need for an integrated approach to ensuring information security.

December 4th
• Informatics Day
December 4, 1948 is the birthday of Russian computer science.
In August 1948, Corr. USSR Academy of Sciences I.S. Brook, together with engineer B.I. Rameev, presented the design of an automatic computer.
December 4, 1948 the State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on the introduction of advanced technology in the national economy registered the number 10475 invention of digital computers.

1. The materials of the site are used. Holiday calendar.
2. February 28 marks another unofficial holiday of IT-specialists, allegedly timed to the day of the invention of the network cable.

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