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Why do thematic sites bring more money?

Often come requests for mini-audits from owners of sites that collect heterogeneous information.

As a rule, such owners declare as keywords the most popular topics: e-books, making money on the Internet, useful links, and some of their personal interests. So what’s wrong with that?

Nothing is bad. But no use.
Previously, such pages were called the Home page, or “hamster.” They remained so now. Because, apart from the author and owner of such a site, this is of no interest to anyone.

There are very simplified options. For example, a site with your personal photos. If the author created it so that all friends and acquaintances had the opportunity to admire them, then no problem. But when such an author wants to “get to first places by the word“ photography “” – this is, to put it mildly, unreasonable.

So, problem number 1 – few people are interested in such a site. If only because it was created by a person who recently came to the Internet. And therefore, it is unlikely that the collection of materials he dragged from other sites is interesting for other, more experienced people.

Problem No. 2. Materials that were copied from other sites, either posted in violation of all generally accepted rules (without attribution and links to the source site), or simply are outdated. (Which is sometimes much more dangerous than you think. It depends on the topic. About this in a separate article.) They are negatively perceived by Yandex. And such a site does not occupy high positions.

Problem No. 3. Specialization wins on the Internet. Where will refrigerators be searched? On specialized sites. But not on the All About Everything website. Because it would never occur to anyone to look for it there. And to take first place in such words as “refrigerator” or other competitive terms, such a site is unrealistic.

Problem number 4. Such a site is difficult to promote (if you forget about the first problem). Because any site should have a name. The more “speaking” it is, the better, the more people will remember it. And what do you call the site “About Everything”? So faceless names like “Vasya Pupkin’s Portal” are obtained. Or louder – “Information Center …”.

And the keywords will just be a collection of popular keywords. And there will be no use for such a site. Because picking it up with popular phrases will be difficult. And if we raise it, then what? He will live for a while. Then the author wants to make money on it, hangs pieces of five banners on each page. And he will think that he will soon get rich, having an attendance of 50-100 people a day “for such cool keywords.” Hence the following problem.

Problem number 5. Such sites have no prospects. First they are created for self-affirmation. For him, they unwind using all available means, including pyramids, cheat counters and just automatic link exchange systems. And then what?

Then the site owner becomes bored, and the project is abandoned. Especially if he was on a free hosting. And what about hosting? Despite the fact that the author of the resource does not pay for it, it means no value of the site in his head. If he had to pay 5 bucks a month, he would think a hundred times – what to put on paid hosting? And so, for free, you can throw all kinds of garbage. Just because he is interested in it now.

In the best case, the author will begin to learn the basics of html and php, begin to learn how to promote a site, and from it you will get a fairly competent webmaster. He pretty quickly understands what sites need to be done. Especially if you want to earn money on it.

And someone who has not become an intelligent webmaster will most likely tell everyone that the Internet is nonsense, that it’s just a toy, and there’s no sense in it. Or he will begin to create bundles of sites (copy ready) to participate in various pyramids and lure naive newcomers to them. In the first case, various myths about the Internet are inflated. And in the second, regular junk sites are created that clog the Internet.

The moral of the article: create thematic sites. They are easier to unwind and easier to sell through them. But in order to successfully sell something specific – you need to correctly plan the site.

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