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How to beat a mailbox?

It was thought: there is much in the world that for Horatio is simple and understandable, but for a friend of his Hamlet may be news. And even a discovery, I would say.

For example, all of these are not very global, but pleasant and useful little things that we use to optimize activities. Is their importance less important in comparison with the fundamental techniques?

And I thought – yes, of course, I’ll surely gradually add a titanic work, in all details describing my own TM technology. What, how, on what, what software, what hardware, what nuances. But until that wonderful time it’s nice to share trifles.

For example, I was surprised to find that many still have the problem of organizing a mailbox. Letters come, accumulate, answers are postponed, forgotten, in short – carcasses of light. I hope that personally you, reader, this cup has passed, but suddenly …

Want to clean up your mail? Go.

What is a regular medium TM neophyte web mailbox?

On the one hand, there is a mountain of inboxes accumulated over the years (I personally have thousands of commercials in the webbox inbox of them … many thousand commercials). On the other hand – a Christmas tree from folders, letters in which shimmer with the lights of colorful tags. On the third hand – the hope of someday highlighting the day and sorting out all the mail. Like, I’ll sit down once in the morning, and I will be happy in the evening. By evening, perhaps, happiness will be, but in a week everything will return, because basically the technology of working with mail has not changed.

So right now you are:

1. Copy this line to the buffer:

************* PLINTH # 1 **************

2. Create an empty letter in the mail with the subject just copied to the clipboard

3. Send it to yourself.

4. Send yourself two more of the same letters.

As a result, the following picture was formed in the mailbox:

************* PLINTH # 1 **************
************* PLINTH # 1 **************
************* PLINTH # 1 **************
A letter …
A letter …
A letter …
A letter …
A letter …

Do not open the baseboard letters, let them stand out against the general background. Next, we deal with folders. The main folder is everything above the baseboard.

You may already have a mail folder structure, but I would share such a solution.

At the very top level of the web box, I have folders:

__! Reply_Later
__! Make
_Incoming Archive

… well, further on topics, this is no longer important. The names are – of course, for sorting purposes, so that they stay at the top. By the way, there is a group of folders that are sorted down using the prefix “u_”: for example, “u_Useful_references”

As a result, the installation is given to itself: the baseboard on the screen should always be visible. The skirting board should not fall below the visibility range, in extreme cases – the first page of the list of letters. The baseboard group of letters is what meets the criterion of “Urgent + Important.” That is, it should be ruined today.

“__! Reply_later” – letters are not sent here for an answer today.
“__! Make” – letters fly here that do not imply an answer, but imply some kind of action. Something to download from the link or what to read, or in general to decide what to do with it.

Two separate repositories for letters to answer and letters to action in my case fully justify themselves, especially since they automatically implement the Third Nail Rule.

“_Archive_Incoming” is all that was not here:

a) deleted;
b) placed in thematic folders;
c) postponed to “Reply / Make”.

You may ask: “Well, now I have a baseboard in my drawer. And what to do with what’s lower than the plinth? ”

And I will answer you: to hell with everything below the baseboard. You can, of course, slightly agitate before the amputation of the difficult past, to refine something from what has come in recent days. Let everything below the baseboard live there. You can, of course, make a baseboard the size of 20 letters, but I personally have enough of three.

In general – we will renounce the old soap!

Sometimes they ask: “Why the baseboard with the first number?”

And because, believe me, it is rarely possible to immediately get involved in orderliness, but after passing three or four skirtings, everything is definitely settled down.

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