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Is it interesting for you? The formula “hobby + business = happiness”

Most people in our world are engaged in unloved business – go to unloved work from 9.00 to 18.00, there they carry out unloved instructions from their superiors, communicating with people who, to put it mildly, are not particularly pleasant. Perhaps they even hate them if they earn more.

Should it be so?
You can say: “Everyone lives like that, because you need to work and feed your family.” And this is absolutely true – it is absolutely necessary to feed the family. But is it necessary to work on an unloved job, listen to the boss’s nonsense and be content with the pennies that everyone is looking forward to at the end of the month?

This is how most people in our society live. With this state of affairs, I strongly disagree. Each person should do what he likes, what he likes, what captures and fascinates him. It’s easier to say – a favorite thing.

Just doing your favorite thing, you are able to experience happiness. This is the only way to find harmony with the world and enjoy life.

If we consider this situation from a mathematical point of view, then we can derive the following formula of happiness:

hobby + business = happiness

This formula is very simple, but, nevertheless, it is with its help that you can significantly improve the quality of your life.

After all, what is success in life?

– To do what gives pleasure;
– earn as you want;
– live in a place where you like;
– be in harmony with the world.

In fact, this is all that an average person needs.

In addition, success can be divided into several interrelated factors that should be harmoniously combined with each other:

Money factor.
Money plays a significant role in the life of any person. But not paramount, as many think. As you know, money alone cannot make us happy if it is not harmoniously combined with other success factors.

The factor of job satisfaction.
If a person is not engaged in what he likes, then he will never succeed in fully unleashing his potential. It can be compared with a fly that breaks against glass, unable to find a way out.

And working on an unloved job is very difficult, it is almost impossible to be a happy and successful person.

Factor of personal life.
Personal relationships are almost the top priority in the lives of most people. Only by loving your near and dear ones, taking care of your soul mate and children, you can fully experience happiness.

The factor of rest (entertainment).
Without entertainment and rest, not a single person can be fully satisfied with their life. Entertainment is the same need of any person, as, say, the need for drink and food.

Utility factor to the world.
As the sages say, give before you receive. You cannot live only for yourself. Every rich and happy person necessarily “shares” with the world – with the people around him. This can be expressed both in material returns (charity, the construction of churches, the construction of hospitals), and spiritual (helping others in any matter, mentoring, conducting seminars, trainings, master classes).

As you can see, all these factors are very important in order to become happy and fully enjoy life.

And the first thing you need to do to embark on the path of success and prosperity is to start doing what you love.

Since the topic of the Internet is now very popular and relevant, let me tell you a possible example of how a hobby can be turned into a source of constant income.

Many of you have heard about such a direction in the Internet business as the “infobusiness”. This is when “their” knowledge is sold in the form of an information product: an e-book, an audio recording, a CD / DVD disc with any educational material, etc.

In fact – what is not your occupation according to the formula “hobby + business = happiness”? People based on their hobby create an excellent business, which, if everything is organized correctly, can become a good additional, and in many cases the main source of income.

You work for yourself, limiting your earnings only to your own desires and goals. At the same time, do your favorite thing (the subject of any information business should really like, frankly interest the person who deals with it).

I want to wish everyone to deal only with the business that really captivates and excites.

This is the first step towards happiness.

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